is a sculptural juggling performance about playful togetherness between humans and objects.


40 white wooden blocks, a stone, a wine glass, a rope, 5 white balls.


The stage is encountered as an open gallery where Benjamin Richter creates juggled sculptures that are constantly redesigned to create a playfully precise, and humorously poetic journey of images.  


Throught the language of object manipulation, each object’s inherent qualities are shared with the audience who are gently invited to cross the artificial boundary between spectator and performer.  Deliecately shifting between the aesthetic and the absurd, the resulting encounter is touching in its honesty, moving in its beauty and funny.


An atmosphere of equality and communication is left at the end of the performance, as an exhibition evolves, through which the audience can move freely, to digest, reflect and exchange on what they have seen.  Is it over?  Or should we just carry on together?



TAKTiL is a flexible performance concept with a playing time of between 30 minutes and 2 hours. It can be performed indoors and outdoors in quiet and focussed situations.