40 white wooden blocks, a rock, a wine glass, a rope and a human

The stage space becomes a gallery where human and objects create sculptures that are repeatedly deconstructed, juggled and redesigned to create a playful, poetic journey of images.

"TAKTiL is about a sensitive interaction between people and objects. At a time when sustainability is vital, it is important to me to gently make the properties and value of objects intensively noticeable to audiences".


TAKTiL is a flexible performance concept with a playing time of between 30 minutes and 2 hours. It can be performed indoors and outdoors in quiet and focussed situations. The surrounding space and the spectators are involved in the actions in a playful and friendly way.

At the end of the performance, an exhibition is created through which the audience can move freely, in order to digest, reflect and exchange on what they have seen.