At the heart of Benjamin’s explorations as a choreographer, outside eye, coach and mentor, is a collaborative approach.  He deeply believes in the value of teaching as a practice of exchange.

In his independent work, and through his involvement in the department of circus at the Stockholm University of the Arts since 2003, Benjamin has had the pleasure of accompanying hundreds of students and countless productions.  He places a great emphasis on the expression and growth of the creative human as well as the continued evolution of circus as an art form.

Benjamin has worked as an artistic advisor, choreographer, director, and creative mentor for Andrea Salustri, Kolja Huneck, Luuk Braantjes, Wes Peden, John-Paul Zaccarini, Francesca Hyde, Stefan Sing, Roman Skadra, Hippana Maleta, Saar Rombout, Marie-Andree Robitaille, amongst many others. 

A comprehensive description of Benjamins methods is available upon request.